BCM Consulting CRAB

CRAB is an innovative tool that makes your body STRONG and your brain THINK.

CRAB is the device that makes you appreciate every inch of its composition, simply because it can be used as a whole.


CRAB is an open material (a complex product because of its versatility but simple in concept), powerful (we gave it the ability to improve ones motricity, ability that other products don’t have) and a device that can improve the way someone moves with the help of its form (optimal technique and movement mechanics) and control (correct use).

CRAB’s characteristics give the user the possibility to try out hundreds of different types of exercises and athletic moves; because of this, the trainer has the chance to motivate and challenge the client, increasing physical state in an enthusiastic way.


CRAB was built to be used indoor & outdoor


Perfectly balanced

Different weights:

  • 4 Kg
  • 6 Kg
  • 8 Kg

Different colors

Crab can be used in different workout session types:

  • Crab Beat

    • Group exercise
    • Adapts to musical training sessions (being synchronized)
    • Instructor controls the tempo and coordinates the class
  • Crab Athletic Challenge

    • Not synchronized to music
    • Station circuits – endurance session stimulated by the instructor (coach)
    • Athlete controls the tempo
  • Personal training


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